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Rabiah Block


over 2 years ago

Speculation and my own ideas. Feedback welcome.

 Rabiah Block

The three sets released in Rabiah block would be as follows:


1,001 Nights



There would be little to no multicolor cards in the first two sets.  This would be to mimic Arabian Nights, which took place on Rabiah, and had no multicolor cards.  However, the final set, Wildfire, takes place on the plane of Wildfire, which is where the djinns and efreets in Rabiah came from.  Widfire was featured on a Planechase Plane card, as well as on a Future Sight card.  Each color would have tribal, which would be as follows:

White - Humans.  In fact, white will have very few creatures in the three blocks that are not humans, with one of the main exceptions being camels.  There would be an assortment of camels, with the obvious protection from Deserts.  More on that later.  Red would have tribal Nomads.  It would have human nomads in Rabiah and 1,001 Nights, and would have efreet nomads in Wildfire.  Blue would have a large collection of djinns, efreets, and humans, with more humans in Rabiah and 1,001 Nights, and more djinns and efreets in Wildfire.  Green would focus on ogres, as would black, though both would be smaller tribes, with focuses in other creature types as well.  The ruling cvlass of humans would be black, and there would be a large devil population in black as well.  There would be a few, weak zombies, to show that they're existent on the plane, but don't largely affect the goings-on.  Green would have lots of treefolk, as inspired by Singing Tree (who is technically a plant, but that's irrelevant since he's also on the no-reprint list).  


Artifacts would have spirits, like Dancing Scimitar, and constructs, built by wizards, who are rare (to find, not in rarity), and in black.  


Humans break down in four colors, being distinctly left out of green.  Green will be fine with its plethora of treefolk, snakes, and ogres.  White humans are warriors, and civilized folk.  Their themes will be protection, anti-tribal, and weenie.  Black will be the ruling class, ala Royal Assassin, and others.  They won't necessarily be evil at all, and will actually use many white functions, like first strike and lifelink.  Blue humans will be few, but will be merchants, and use draw functions, and they'll cause havoc for artifacts (such as exchanging an artifact in a graveyard with an artifact in play, exiling artifacts, etc.).  And red will be nomads, who will be decent hitters on their own, but have abilities that allow them to get stronger together (such as Exalted, Banding, maybe even something akin to modular, etc).  


Djinns and efreets will have little to no tribal benefits, with the exception of the predominantly red efreet nomads.  


Ogres will regenerate when black, and trample when green.  The usual beatsticks, but they'll synergize a bit better to compete with red nomads.  There will be lots of non-basic lands, including several with the sub-type Desert.  All lands with the sub-type desert will deal 1 damage to target attacking creature when tapped.  Considering uncommon cycle of them that are basic lands with the desert ability.   A Thousand Oases (G), A Thousand Dunes (R), A Thousand Cobblestone Streets (W), A Thousand Mirages (B), and A Thousand Flooded Valleys (U).


There would be several new planeswalkers, because in more than a thousand planes, planeswalkers would be inevitable.  Planeswalkers from Rabiah wouldn't be aware of the other planes, only of the 1,002 contained there.  They would have been raised by other planeswalkers to think that anywhere beyond Wildfire (the nearest plane to Rabiah) is Heaven or Hell, and is death to walk into.  They do not venture into the Blind Eternity.  When modern planeswalkers (nobody specific, but probably fellows like Jace, Chandra, Ajani, Nicol Bolas, etc) come to Rabiah, it's because of an impending trans-plane disaster, and they're searching for Planeswalkers to assist them from this ultimate destruction.  The planeswalker responsible for it is hiding somewhere in Rabiah, a thousand planes massive, and he must be found.


Thaaat's what I got.  What do you think?

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