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Weekly Deckbuilding Competition


over 2 years ago

Donations this week!

 Hello, and welcome to the first edition of my Weekly Deckbuilding Competition!  YAY!!

You're all probably saying, "God, another blog post on deckbuilding?"  But wait, you've never seen this kind of AMAZING deckbuilding challenge before!  Anyways, I'll begin this weekly segment with a cool and underused Archetype: Donations!  So every week, I'll be doing a different archetype of the people's choice.  So I will need you guys to not only post your decks to be judged by MOI, but also post what you want to see during next week's competition.  Some of you might be wondering, "What is a donation deck?"  Well, it is a deck that likes giving your opponents your own cards, and get a benifit from them.  This week's format will be Legacy.



Now, onto the judging criterea.  There will 3 categories, so 3 chances to win.  The first will be the most competitive deck, then the most creative deck, and finally, every Monday, the day before each blog goes live, you will all get a chance to vote for your favorite deck!  Sadly, to make sure someone wins, you cannot vote for yourself.


Thanks, and make sure to leave your best and most creative Donation Decks



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