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Mythic Discussion


over 2 years ago

wondering whatever happened to mythics

So I was looking over the shards of Alara block the other day and i was thinking: "What the hell happened to mythics?",  because in that block the mythic rare card was introduced and Wizards really made the mythics deserve it.

I will be discussing some mythics that dont really deserve to be mythics.  Now let's look at Kird Ape. What a good card:

mana cost: R

Kird Ape gets +1/+2 as long as you control a forest


Okay so who would'nt want 2/3 on turn two? because I know i would. Even turn one with Tundra.  Sweet!!

However myhtic rare?!? reallly? i dont think so maybe a rare at best but i wld say uncommon i know what you're going to say: "It was only printed as mythic rare once!" but thats once to often. I'm not saying this isn't a good card because its really great and helpful but it does not deserve mythic.

Okay no more gorillas now we're going to look at a sphinx (woooot!).

Consecrated Sphinx: 4UU


whenever an oppenent draws a card you may draw two


this is an awesome card, right? of course, BUT does deserve to be mythic? maybe so however it doesnt earn it as well as some other cards. maybe if it had a second ability like: whenever you or an oppenent has seven or more cards in hand consecrated sphinx is unblockable OR whenever you have seven or more cards in hand you have no maximum hand size

hhmmm just a thought im not saying that every mythic has to be broken or right on the verge of being so hope you read this with interest and plaease comment suggestion welcom. Thank you

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