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Burnination; The Journey Continues


over 2 years ago

Another chronicle of my never-ending quest for burnination.

 Sooo... I was tooling around with this: 


And before I hear it all over the comments section; I realize that this is not a burn deck. It is a beat-down deck. 

But is it, really? "Yes, it really is." Ok. It totally is... but I'm playing it with burnination in my heart!

'cause Vexing Devil, while neither a reliable burn nor a reliable body, is still a one drop. I don't need to toot the horn of an obviously good card. Furnace Scamp is sorta the same; not exactly a body, not eactly a burn. The only critter that knows what it wants to be when it grows up is Lightning Mauler, and what he wants to be is a massive dose of meth. 

Haste, while present consistantly, is more of a means to an end. Undying, however, is thematic. 

Undying Evil, Uncanny Speed, Fling, and Brimstone Volley are what I mean when I say I play it with burnination in my heart. 

I made a couple of choices that I want feedback on. 

Pillar of Fire instead of Shock, Geistflame, or Gutshot for dealing with dangerous little guys. 'cause exile. With all this graveyard molesting and flashing back and whatnot, it's reassuring to know that those little bastards are going to stay dead. 

Thunderbolt instead of Incinerate, or whatever. I like Thunderbolt. I liked Thunderbolt when it wasn't a reprint, and for the same reason I like it now: blasting Angels from the sky in a spray of charred feathers. That extra point of damage doesn't seem like much, but it's the difference between getting slapped around by Restoration Angel and ... you know... not. 

And even if there are no flying critters on the board it's always a 3 burn, anyway. 

Appetite for Brains is a curious card. I like it, and if it turns out to be useless it can be sideboarded. ... but I'm thinking that eliminating a powerful threat early on it totally worth having it in. 

Surgical Extraction, cause yea. 

I just worry that, since I opt for Pillar, I'll exile that Delver, for instance, and not be able to Extract all those bastards from the deck. If that ends up being a problem I'll sub in Shock or Geistflame. 

So I think that covers everything. I'm going to try to stick this one together, see how it stacks up. 

Comments, suggestions, bursts of profanity. Hit me up. 


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