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Crossing the planes


over 2 years ago

A non spam visit to Mirrodin


Hello folks and welcome to yet another edition of Crossing the Planes. If you hadn’t guessed yet I may be doing Mirrodin today and may in fact be able to do a good job this time. 


To get something across upfront Karn, the legacy weapon, created mirrodin. He built essentially as practice it and populated it with golems and gave it a warden, Memnarch. Now Memnarch started out dutifully but as time wore on he began to feel abandoned and started to give Mirrodin shape and eventually created soul traps to bring other races across to Mirrodin during this time it is believed that he manufactured the Myr, levellers and other hosts of constructs that scuttle across Mirrodin. 

The living races allocated to each of Mirrodin’s geographic structures


The Oxidda Chain, a range of mountains populated by goblins and the human Vulshok tribe.

The Tangle, a dense jungle populated by elves, the human Sylvok tribe and horrible beasts.

The Mephidross, a dreadful swamp, and a home of the mighty Nim and the human Moriok tribe.

Quicksilver Sea, a sea of mercury populated by Vedalken and the human Neurok tribe.

Razor Grass Fields, the plains of Mirrodin, overgrown with sharp metallic grass and home to the Leonin, the human Auriok tribe and loxodon.


However what Memnarch truly desired was a planeswalker’s spark for which he developed a device to cull the spark. Thus he cultivated living creatures in hopes one would be discovered to have a spark.


One Did.


She was an Elf by the Name of Glissa sunseeker and she sought vengeance against whomever was progenitor of these leveller attacks and so she and Slobad the goblin tinkerer delved deep into the Synod and the recollection of all the golem Bosh's memories. After this they now travel back across Mirrodin to seek the power that resides in the centre of Mirrodin. So Glissa, Bosh, and Slobad journey deep within Mirrodin's core to confront the overlord Memnarch. With them is the Kaldra avatar—an immensely powerful being of energy summoned when Kaldra's sword, shield, and helm were brought together earlier. But what was supposed to be the world's salvation turns out to be a vile trick. With a single spell, Memnarch seizes the avatar and turns it on Glissa and her companions.

Kaldra's avatar followed Glissa all the way to the Tangle, destroying everything in its way. Finally, at the Radix, Glissa stops. As rage and despair overcome her, Glissa's body calls forth a great column of green mana from Mirrodin's core, annihilating the avatar in the process. Now that mana hangs overhead in a glowing sphere—the green sun at last, Mirrodin's fifth dawn. After this the soul traps are broken and the first generations of Mirrans are sent back to their home planes. Thus Glissa leaves Geth bodiless and enraged by the “Betrayal” of Glissa as she is brought underground by a far more sinister force than Memnarch who he and many of his creations where annihilated. 


Far within Mirrodin something darker is brewing.

And on that happy note we move onto the everyday life of a Mirran. So life at the beginning (As in the first set) was everyone was to desperately trying to fight the leveller to care about any of the others, but as time wore on and techniques were learned to fight the levellers the connections to each other race grew (However the Vedalken had signed on with Memnarch and thus were uninvolved in this) but as they eventually overthrew Memnarch they had to ally themselves to help defeat the Nim or Necrogen born zombies. They sought little more than to devour every living thing on Mirrodin. As this existence was fought on newborn Mirrans began to be born with metal absorbed into them. Then when the soul traps were shattered and the first generation were “Bounced” it became adapted and accepted into their culture.


And in this way life was continued for many years, Glissa was lost and believed to be a traitor the Vedalken lost their hold on their Neurok slaves and the Leonin went Kha-less and life rolled on for many years.



Please enjoy this beautiful work of art of a blog.



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