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CARD MAKERS!!!!! (2)


over 2 years ago

Maybe I should make this a series... anyways... Abilities!!!

I've decided to make this blog a series, both to stimulate creativy in people's minds and to see cool, interesting ideas for cards.  The first blog seemed successful, which was another component to why I'm making this a series.  Hopefully I'll be able to do this consistently, and I apologize in advance if I don't.


Anyways, this time I decided to test out what cards people would make with, not a theme, but abilities.  Everybody loves abilities like Scry, Storm, and Cascade, and simpler ones like Flying, Double Strike, and Unblockable.  I always found that I like abilities more than P/T, because I'm a strategic player, not powerhouse. Game ending abilities, abilities that give your opponent an incredibly hard time, abilities that give you a significant boost, and even abilities that help both opponents.  Of course, there are always those overpowered cards and those horrible cards, but either way it's fun to see abilities emerge in different ways. 


So, let's see what kind of awesome (but not broken) cards you can make with these 5 abilities:

1) Storm

2) Kicker/Multikicker

3) Landfall

4) Transmute

5) Cycling


Make sure to give these cards flavor and include card type, rarity, etc (you know what I mean).

Can't wait to see all the cool cards!!!

Spoiler alert!!! Next time I'll hopefully do this with mechanics

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