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dear standard mtg community


over 2 years ago

a word in edge wise

  Ladies and gentlemen i am black lotus,

I am hear today to discuss the growing power of the five colors in the standard (type 2 ) format.

in the recent months ive played a lot of tournements and avidly  kept up my collection, i appears to me that

the decks that get played and win are all the same brew 

4 delver 

4 giest of traft 

4 swords 

fill in blanks


4 wolfrun 

4 inkmoth 

4 headhunter


a new deck surfaced in my home town and many people brought it, it was a zombie infestation reanimator deck 

featureing gristlebrand. i never got a chance to play it but it cleared top 1-4. i leads me to belive that we should pack

our side boards in our main deck and side them out on second game. in fact its almost as if we should create a 

deck capable of ruining all the top 10 decks of the time. now with that being said mirrodin beseiged will be gone along 

with m12 and we should gear up for a more tribal oriented battle. i talking of course about vampires. with 4 lords

and the abiltiy to buff them selfs i belive theyll hit the scene hard... unfortunately for the blood suckers the power of 

snapcastor mage and the one sided board wipe of bonfire will persist. the cavern of souls will only dnumb the pain

and with our swords of war and peace leaving we turn to another way to win. im speaking about black control 


ladies gentlemen we have DURESS back we have APPITITE for brains, Dispise we have tribute to hunger! and 

we have a tribe that buffs better thtan zombies we need to do this deck right good luck world and remeber you

heard the idea here!!!


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