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I'm back now with... *drum roles* MECHANICS

So, it's a little unclear of the difference between mechanics and abilities to some people.  Abilities are mechanics, but what I meant was that these would be more of the "tap this creature, tap that creature," kind of stuff (rather than the named abilities like flying). 


So, with that being said, what I find very interesting are the completely new abilities with no name, or even the ones that have been used for a long time and have gone without an official name (such as firebreathing).  This is why I didn't put them in the "Card Makers: Abilities", because they have no name.  Also, these sorts of mechanics tend to be very complicated, and can easily be made overpowered or made horrible.  So, here it goes.  Hopefully this blog will still be successful *crosses fingers*


1) Tap Abilties and Untap Abilities on the same card.  (I always loved this about some of the cards in Eventide, how you can tap and untap creatures with positive abilities over and over again)


2) Donations (This includes cards that gives cards to other players and cards that are meant to be given to other players)


3) "Firebreathing" ({Insert Payed Mana}: Target creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.  Don't make the card simple, add tons of flavor, like mealt in your mouth flavor.)


4) *Drum Roles* Make a mechanic and make a card for the mechanic... let's see how this goes.


Hm... should I spoil what the next blog will be?

If you don't wanna see it don't keep going...

Watch out...

Do you REALLY want to see it?

Well, it's a surprise.

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