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The Planeswalker Chronicles


over 2 years ago

Following the journeys of the Planeswalkers every week.

     I loved the old novels about the Magic world. The were well-written and full of flavor. But now Wizards has stopped printing new books, and the comic series is...meh. So I've taken it upon mysef to write short stories (sometimes seperate, sometimes part of larger sagas) that explore the goings-on of the neowalkers, the enemies they face, and the planes they explore.

     I will try my best to give equal time to all of they walkers, but my favorites will have bigger roles in the plot. If I want to say "this place or this character is this card", I will give a description, because that's what writers do, but I will also give the name of the card in brackets.

So, a short "trial" story:


      "The coast is just over his hill!" called Elspeth. False enthusiasm, like Ertai had had for every task, thought Karn."Are you sure you wish to return?" he called. Elspeth turned." My iron friend, it was with your encouragement that I made this journey. Were you not behind me all the way, I would have returned to Tel-Jilad long ago. If it has not fallen in our absence." she added darkly. " Koth and Melira are capable leaders, and the Tangle continues to reject Vorcinclex's aggresions. You must trust outside of yourself. Have confidence in others." reassured Karn.                                Elspeth was silent until they had reached the peak of the hill. The sun was just dipping under the clear waters of the sea. It's dying beams shone upon the most magnificent castle Karn had ever laid his eyes upon. Glimmering silver and gold, Derenor, the seaside citadael, stood senteniel against the hoardes of undead sweeping across Bant. "The final bastion of light on a world infected by darkness." murmured Elspeth. Karn turned to her." Do you believe this fortress inpenetrable?" Elspeth nodded." Then imagine how safe Tel-Jilad remains."                                                             Elspeth was silent for a moment, then smiled." You are right, friend. They'll be fine." Her fears at rest, the knight and the golem headed in the directon of the citadael.

      Koth swore loudly as his warhammer crushed the metal skull of another Phyrexian. Behind him, two Viridians shot arrows in tandem at any foe who passed through the gaping hole in Tel-Jilad's copper shell. A juggernaut set lose by one of Vorcinclex's liuetenants had somehow found it's way to the Tree of Trolls, and spent it's remaing energy sprinting at and puncturing the outer defences. It's humongous corpse was serving as the crux of the battleground as Mirrans protected Myr making repairs against oppurtunistic Phyrexians attempting to strike at the heart of the Mirran resistance.                                                                                                                                                                    As Koth turned to survey how many foes remained, one of the elves suddenly staggered backwards, pierced by shrapnel from a kamikaze Perilous Myr that had detonated nearby. The planeswalker channeled his mana into a sheild of hovering stones that encircled him and the viridians."No, Cyloc, no!" cried the unhurt elf as his comrade passed on." That's all the time you have to mourn." murmured Koth." I'm taking down the barrier. Be ready. Three...Two...ONE!"                                                                                                                                                                                       There was an almighty crash as Koth flung the rocks away, crushing more encroaching Phyrexians where they stood. Koth and the Viridian were suddenly enveloped by a charge of what seemed to be all of the remaining Mirrans.   "You just crushed the last  Scrappers inside!" shouted a young leonin warrior who fell in beside Koth." Then we CHARGE!" he replied.

     Gideon Jura wanted to mutter an oath. Or several. Or a dozen, followed by a storm of justice from his sural. Unfortunatley, he could do neither, as both he, Chandra Nalaar, and Nissa Revane were all gagged and immobilised. And by that, It is meant that they were ensnared in the cocoon-like webs of the Arachnus spider.                    He and Chandra had been pursuing that superfluous elf through the Khalni jungles when the trail had abruptly gone cold in a clearing surrounded by Wrazira trees. The duo and Geddura Senko, a survivalist from Oran-Rief and their hired guide, had been simultaneously tracking Nissa and outrunning a roil tide. Night had fallen, and the exhausted travellers pitched their yaur-tents and called it a day. Geddura had been first watch. He was also, the next morning, first eaten, for it had been his muffled sreams that had woken Gideon, who had found himself hanging from a Wrazira, wrapped in a sticky, steel-strong webbing. The strands were snug, but but with enough space between them that Gideon could see the trouble that his companions and his foes were in.                                                                     At least seven giant spiders of varying size were moving methodically from victim to victim. Three members of Nissa's party had already been devoured, and the monsters were sucking the very last of Geddura's fluids from his lifeless body before they would move on. A lock of bright red hair free of the it's web betrayed their next victim. Chandra.                               

      Aaannnd... That's how we'll leave it! I plan to have a half dozen or so storylines going on at the same time, and I'll select three or four to write about each week. They might come together and characters might go between them, and one day they'll (hopefully) culminate in a finale!                                                                                                                                  Or they'll just keep going as long as you guys keep liking 'em. Feedback, questions and critiscism are appreciated, and I'll try to regularly post every week!





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