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All - MTG Deck Builder will be shutting down on April 1st, 2015 for good. I no longer have time to work on the site, and am unable to keep it up and running. Thank you for using it. Please take these next 30 days to pull any information off the site you want to keep.


Introduction to the community


over 2 years ago

A quick hello to everyone, and a short monologue of initial thoughts

Hello all, This being my first post I feel the need to introduce myself, You can assume accurately based on the basic information on my profile my name is Dustin Mulligan. Im an avid player, and have been playing off and on since seventh edition using mostly borrowed cards up until the release of Rise of the Eldrazi. Since then ive sunk countless hundreds into my collection. I typically prefer to buy repacks over sealed product, simply because of the more diverse assortment of the cards, variety is as it is said "the spice of life". In my purchases I try to get the most out of every card, never simply thumbing through a box of commons for the one or two cards that I can actually use, but trying to find various mechanics and combo's that others would simply overlook. Since I frequent casual play, these combos typically give just as good, if not better payout than tier 1 decks. That being said, im not above building a straight beatdown deck, and am most certainly not incapable. In my local game store where I play casual, I have a deck or two that people almost always refuse to play against simply because I exploit certain things especially revolving around our meta which includes almost exclusively slower combo decks. With this blog, I plan to post commentary on various aspects of the game, usually revolving around upcoming sets, and cards, various combos and the decks I create, and of course, the deep lore of the Multiverse. That being said, ill give my first little quip on the upcoming 2013 Core set.

Shits going down. Some of the spoiled cards seeing print on the coreset *ahem*Vampirenighthawk*ahem* will be making my interest in limited alot more extensive. Along with the nighthawk, gilded lotus has been spoiled, door to nothingness, omniscience, and Odric all seem to be right up my alley for constructed decks as well. Hopefully with the last 40ish cards still to be spoiled we'll see some more potential. Until then, Im off to a Koyotes arena football game, followed by a late night of EDH and Knights and Emperors

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