Block of the Week 9 (Actual 9)


over 2 years ago

I failed at numbers last week

Hello everyone, and welcome to Block of the Week 9.   Last week was actually 8, but I had a fail.

For all the new participants, the rules:

I name three blocks, or two and a core set, and using only cards from those sets, you make a deck (Following my banned list.)  Minimum Sixty Card decks, and you get bonus points for a sideboard (15 exactly).

I judge next Week.

That's about it.  One entry per person, so if you make two decks and post them both, please list which one you are entering.

Last week's winner:

Ethral.  Again.    http://www.mtgdeckbuilder.net/Decks/ViewDeck/132623

All I can say is this looks annoying as hell to play against, which gives it bonus points :).  Plenty of win-cons, lots of Wrath effects, and a nice design structure leads this deck to victory.  Good Job.


This Week

Blocks/Sets you may use cards from:

Mirage Block (Mirage, Visions, Weatherlight)

Kamigawa Block (Champions, Betrayers, Saviors)

Lorwyn - Shadowmoor Block (Lorwyn, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, Eventide)


Banned List:

Cadaverous Bloom: Strictly less fun than other pieces of ProsBloom, and a piece had to go.

Vampiric Tutor: I was trying to think of a way I could get around banning this, but realized it HAD to go.

Glimpse of Nature: Combo-Rific to the max.

Umezawa's Jitte: Reallllllllly high value > Mana cost ratio.  No Jitte for you.

That's actually it.  I will regret leaving Mystical Tutor and Bitterblossom Legal, but neither are banned.


Good luck, and happy brewing. Judging sometime, but I will be going on vacation soon, so no promises as to when.

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