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All - MTG Deck Builder will be shutting down on April 1st, 2015 for good. I no longer have time to work on the site, and am unable to keep it up and running. Thank you for using it. Please take these next 30 days to pull any information off the site you want to keep.


Im just to lucky


over 2 years ago

another coincedence

 Some may be familiar with my previous coincedence posts but this tops all others


just a normal day at my local meijer buying a pack. looking through the pack get a infinite reflection token land and i notice a glimmer of blue im like maybe a foil rotcrown ghoul but then i noticed a curve in the picture and the letters T-A 

i slide it over a little bit in the description box i see numbers and the letters P-L in the type box i finally move it over a foil-wait for it- TAMYIO THE MOON SAGE!!!!!!!!!!!



im so excited

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