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Boredom Presents... SPIDER MAN!!!


over 2 years ago

Building a standard deck for some FNM fun

During the prerelease this weekend, there was some conversation about the recent spider man movie and mostly about how bad it was.  That being said of course the typical "I could do better" shenanigans went flying around.  So since I obviously dont have the means, time or will to actually go about making a Spiderman movie,  I decided I would build a spiderman deck and let how I do with it this week determine if I was correct.  A stretch... yup but hey thats what happens when theres too much time between rounds and boredom settles in.

I have a very basic design for what I want to do with the deck but I am looking for some more flavor.  Right now Im looking at it and think it may actually be semi competitive and at the very least fun.  Im going to list my chocies so far and hope people will share there thoughts on any standard card they think would fit the deck and why.  I would like to keep it to 2 colors but if someone finds some good enough flavor to expand on that...Id be happy to expand.

Avacyn's Pilgrim, Blade Splicer, Vital Splicer-  These guys are of course Human(Man) and fit the deck but arent really all that flavorfull IMO but they do make the deck a little more competitive.  Cuts for flavor likely to start here.

Mwonvuli Beast Tracker-This card reminded me of Kraven the Hunter and has great synergy in the deck as well

Deadly Recluse, SIlkalash spider, Arachnus Spinner, Stingerfling Spider- Spiders to the theme.  Once again not all that directly flavorfull so may cut one or two for something more fun.

Captain of the watch-  That Spiderman always keeping the police on there toes...

Skin shifter- Changing costumes all the time... Also featuring man/rhino(Rhino) and man/bird(Vulture)

Intrepid Hero-  Thought this was a fitting title/card and a nice synergy between this and arachnus web(shhh rancor :))

Solemn Simulacrum- Face it, spiderman is a sad panda sometimes.  ok maybe thats forcing it but it also synergizes as a golem and ramps into stuff :P

Eaten by Spiders- I just couldnt resist using one of the best named cards ever, especially in a deck that fits the theme

Show of Valor- Yeah it sucks but seamed too flavorful not to put in.

Arachnus Web- Ummmmm, yup

Descendants Path- Family and backstory is always important in comic books, thought it was very fitting and synergystic

Rancor- Spiderman was no mear human or spider so he needed some extra beef.  This may get cut if I find some really good flavor.

Gavony Township- Its about as Cityish as were gonna get in standard MTG and synergystic as well.


Hope everyone had fun at the prerelease this weekend and got a better feel for the set and some of its hidden goodies.  Would love some input on what else might be good to add (going for fun/thematic over competitive).

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