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M13 Prerelease


over 2 years ago


Today sees me playing in my first real tournament, and it was fairly successfull at that. Myself and three friends traveled an hour and a half for a two headed giant prerelease, taking home second and fifth out of 19 teams. I personally ran a blue black denial deck, that more often than not turned into the driving force for our team with vast unblockables. Heres a quick recap on how it went down. (Due to time constraints--or perhaps just the way 2HG works--we were limited to only one game)

Round 1:

Hit two decks that were almost assuredly not pulled entirely from the 8 packs each team was allocated, as they played 4 mythics to the field in total, and had such excellent synergy and builds. One exalted with sublime angel making the killing swing just three turns after being played, and a slew of other nasties such as intrepid hero to deal with our unblockables. On top of these we see New Lily, and Chandra both on the field, along with A very late game Omniscience which thankfully I managed to negate. Despite our best efforts at control with tapping, and blocking we were eventually run through in a thorough defeat.

A very bitter 0-1

Round 2:

Round two turned out much better, hitting two decks with little synergy, and few cards of note.A tormented soul on turn one, dark favor turn two, and Harbor Bandit turn three. Along with a volcanic strenght, we had them down to half at T4 and then with a second dark favor turn five ended it with 10 unblockable damage and a slew of goblins.

1-1; feeling a little better

Round 3:

This is where our decks finally showed their potential against legitimate threats. Not to say the previous rounds didnt have anything to prove, but these decks were both meticulously constructed, and pulled so many surprises it was amazing our well of answers didnt run dry. The first few turns were slow with a kraken hatchling and ring of evos isle being my only drops, and my partner playing just a krenkos command and a rummaging goblin, then the control began. Turn four I played shimian specter which turned out to be a lifesaver on more than one occasion. They had Primadox bond beetle comboing repeatedly to pump a lilliana's shade, a nighthawk ready to swing the next turn and Xathrid Gorgon about to start shutting us down. So what did we do? We shut them down first. Encrusting the Gorgon, Pacifiying the Nighthawk, Swinging with Shimian and getting rid of all divine virdicts in the players hand library and graveyard. Then the next turn dropping in my new best friend Harbor bandit, and starting to rack up the damage with Dark/Divine favors, and other buffs. Shimian kept attacking destroying their answers, and when they could pull the occasional flying blocker, My partner played a red spell (with A goblin battle Jester to shut them down) All in all, we denied every attempt they made to control us, and kept them backed against a wall as we swung repeatedly for 5-8 damage.

2-1; So we dont suck at deckbuilding?

Round 4:

Hit someone running Nicol Bolas, but he didnt draw it, nor anything else except a gem of becoming and Public execution. His partner didnt fare much better with an Intrepid hero and sands of delirium. By the time they began the mill, the game was already over.

3-1; Alright we built pretty good decks.

Round 5:

The last round, and of course we faced the other group we drove down with. It was a quick but brutal game. We ran almost identical decks, having neither pulled anything spectacular, so it was an unblockable slugfest. Sadly they opted for lifelink instead of just straight goblins and soldiers in their RW deck, we got beat by just a few points of damage after a long drawn out battle, and 3 mind sculpts 2 of which got reverberated leaving both myself and one of our opponents down in deck size less than 10.

3-2; Content I suppose.

FInal results:

We ended up taking 6th thanks to the jank way of deciding ratings. (Ranking first one team was 5-0 and our other team was 4-1, then all the 3-2's which we were the bottom of, but also happened to beat head to head all three of the other teams ahead of us. They broke it down by points earned in the prerelease so since we didnt compete friday and saturday we were way behind.) Split the 18 boosters prize evenly (as per a prearranged agreement) and went home with a few sleeves and huge D30 extra swag. All in all, good day.


P.S. We played two games other than the official round 5 game, and won both of them.

P.P.S Harbor Bandit is ridiculous.

P.P.P.S Rooms full of sweaty nerds smell. REALLY BAD. Also, dont Rawr at people after tapping their window. Thats just too weird.

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