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The Planeswalker Chronicles #2


over 2 years ago

For the Vorthos in you.

     My last blog was, hopefully, enjoyed by most who read it. And If you read it, please, PLEASE just comment " i like/hate it". That boosts my self-esteem as a writer to have people acknowledge my work, just a little.

     Now, wanderingdude asked last post for more "original" Planeswalkers, e.g., made-up, unofficial characters based off the decks we make. I am opposed to the idea, but If enough people make it known to me that they would like that, I'll make it happen. And now, STORYTIME!

New Phyrexia

     Tezzeret channeled mana through his etherium arm into the form of a bright, magenta whip. It lashed out about five feet into the metallic chest of a snarling phyrexian, sending it flying. The whip retracted and Tezzeret spun around, shouting words of summoning. A flash of light, and a Spined Thopter appeared, hovering over the planeswalker. It sensed the danger it's master was in, and dived, launching itself into the looming Scourge Servant ready to compleate the etherium menace. The Thopter's circuits and motors were shattered on impact, and the force of it only stunned the Phyrexian. But the time afforded by that stun allowed Tezzeret to leap forward, bring out his etherium claws, and rip off the disgusting creature's head.

     There were no more foes to fight. A dozen Phyrexians lay vanquished all around the one-time council room of the Vedalken Synod. But the spires of Qicksilver were Gitaxian territory now, and the only other two beings in the room were the ruler and guest of this realm. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and Sheoldred, the Whispering One were staring at Tezzeret, wondering if he was a useful tool or a dangerous pest.

     Evidentily, they reached different conclusions, as Sheoldred lunged, and Gitaxias held her back. "He refused compleation! He is a heretic of Flesh! He must die!" screamed the black Praetor. The Augur soothed her." One day, when Norn and Vorcinclex are subservient to our power, I shall disect him myself.", he whispered." But in these times, it is useful to have an agent such as he. Are we in agreement?". Sheoldred slowly nodded.

     Tezzeret could not hear their conversation. As he stared at the Praetors, he cursed Bolas for abandoning him and Karn for trapping him on this plane. The golem had used the mana of the five suns to create a barrier around Mirrodin, preventing any being Planeswalking to or away from Mirrodin in order to stop the spread of Phyrexia. Only the golem could open and close that cage.

     Jin-Gitaxias' silver voice interrupted his thoughts. " You will serve Phyrexia as an auxillary. You will obey all orders from ANY Phyrexian. We are your highest supiriors. Our orders supercede all. Leave our prescence, Drone Tezzeret." The planeswalker was surprised. " I will not be compleated?" he asked incredudously." No, Drone Tezzeret". With a backward glance, Drone Tezzeret left the council room.


     Ajani Goldmane had never, In his wildest nightmares, imagined a world as terrible as Ravnica. There were no jungles. No rolling plains. Nothing without a master or a servant. No true freedom. Just spires of stone and glass and the millions of slaves inside of them. Slaves to the shadows, the puppetmasters, the ever-watchful eyes of the Infinite Consortium.

     Upon the observation deck of a Boros Garrison Ajani stared out among the many short, ancient buildings standing in the shadows of the grander towers. He was on a mission, a crusade. The human child, Beleren, had left the plane for a time, time which he would use to scourge the very last remnants of that dragon's network of spies and shadows.

     He turned away, and at the same time murmured a spell of summoning. A Leonin Skyhunter appeared on his mount beside his nactl master, who jumped on the hawk-like beast behind its tamer. " West, to the Undercity!" shouted Ajani. " I am in haste. Every moment is precious, for there are others who would wish to disrupt me..."

Elsewhere on Ravnica

     Tibalt loved this plane. The Rakdos paid him quite handsomely for his services, and kept him with an endless supply of captives and bloodwine. The crypts they called home, however, were a little cramped, and it was not ideal sharing the apartments with couple of imps, a gang of devils and the demonic fire warden of the level, Groztanavat Nishalem Karpas, the semi-retired Head Viceroy of Arson for the Cult of Rakdos. 

      The abundance of fire crackers, fire fists and fire breath between his neigbors actively encouraged Tibalt to get out about on the city streets during daylight hours. He found ordinary walking, however, rather boring and monotonous, and had realised that all those hours torturing and burning helpless villagers in his Innistrad laboratory could have counted for double if they had been spent among the people in the streets. So today, his method of living life to the fullest involved setting a Selesnyan Loft Garden aflame and framing the neigboring Izzet lab for the fire. Life was good.

     As he sat on the side of a nearby spire watching the fun unfold, something caught his eye. A flying beast, unlike anything he had yet seen on any Plane was gliding on the wind low over the city. Seated on it were two beings like a mixture of human and cat, beings that did not exist on Ravnica as far as he knew. Come to think of it, he had been feeling the presence of another walker or two on this Plane. He narrowed his eyes and grinned. The bird-beast was headed for the Undercity, his favorite "walking" spot of all.




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