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Start of Something New


over 2 years ago

The start of a soon to be weekly blog series

  So,  MTG Deck Builder community, I've had the hankering to start up a blog series for a while, but I've had a problem that's been hindering me of doing this:

I don't know what I want to write about....

But I've decided that who better to get me out of this than the community itself!

So today I bring to you three ideas for this series:

Concept A: (Needs a name) A weekly deck building competition that focuses on some of the less well known cards in standard (eventually modern as well? if you want that I suppose), it would work by me giving you a card(s) that are a must include in the deck and that's it, you would be free to go into any direction you wished. The next week I would give shoutouts to the people who build decks that best fit the following catagories: Most Competive, Cheapest, Most Expensive, Most Creative. 

Concept B: The Community Builds __________ EDH     This one would be a blog series where we as a community choose a general, and then build an edh deck based upon it. This would be a three times a week blog (seems like a lot and open to suggestions on cutting it down.) With the first post chosing a general based on a couple of choices (coming from the previous post) for the week (3-5 choices), The second post would be card discussion for the deck and the overrall building of it, the final post for the week would be the finished product as well as nominations for the next weeks general.

Concept C:  So You Think You Can Pilot?     This would be a running competetion based series. This idea came after a competition I had at my LGS with a few guys there, it's split into 2-3 week long segments, The first week participants  take an intro pack (you heard it) and play with it at FNM, the first week you are allowed a sideboard of your choosing ($100 limit), then report how you did with it, and how you plan going about changing it, while keeping on theme for the deck. Week 2 you get to improve the main board again there is a budget ($100 in total across main and side) and then again report how you did and further changes you plan on making. Third week is the final draft, No budget but must remain on theme for the original deck, then yet again report on the results. 

So there are the choices MTG Deck Builder community, I hope you enjoy!

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