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The Furious Five


over 2 years ago

Commander Deck Challenge

 Let's start off with the results of the last contest:

for the scouting theme, the winner of creativity is:

Ethral with Scouting in Asia

and the most competitive is:

mr. staatz with Goblin Campers

for the camping theme, the winner for the most creative deck is:

Starbuck with Lost in the Woods

Everybody did a good job. Thank you for trying.

Now, for this weeks challenge, we have a commander challenge. With the release of M13, I want you to make a deck with one of the five new legendaries as the commander:

Odric, Master Tactician,

Talrand, Sky Summoner,

Nerafox, Overlord of Grixis,

Krenko, Mob Boss,

or Yeva, Nature's Herald.

If you are not familiar with commander, the deck must be 100 cards, and cannot contain cards that are not the commander's color. The commander is the centerpiece of the deck, so the deck should be based around that card.

The contest ends on Monday, you may only enter one submission, and you can only do one deck

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