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over 2 years ago

Week Number One!

 First off a small explanation when to look for what concerning this blog:

Monday's are general voting days. I will do a shortish write up with each general (You would like X if... etc.) and then leave it to the rest of you to decide who we work on.

Wednesday is card choice day, easy enough, and that will go on till saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon I will present the finished list and will take suggestions for the next weeks generals.

On to the blog!

When coming up with this idea (along with the others) I brainstormed what we could do for the first week. This one was easy, there were 5 new generals coming out in M13! And then Obsidian2fireheartrr posted his EDH deckbuilding blog for the week. And lo and behold M13 legends. To not step on toes or oversaturate these weeks with these new guys(gals) I decided that it would be best NOT to use them this week. Which meant having to think about wat I was going to do.

Flashforward to Friday night, reading the comicon panel for MTG it hit me. Why not the leaders of the guilds from the time of R:CoG in preperation for RTR? Seemed good. The guilds are split up as such : http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/arcana/1016 .

So onto the generals:

From Azorius: Isperia the Inscrutable !


You will like Isperia if:

-You like fliers

-You like being able to tutor for answers reliably

-You like to use the controling nature's of White and Blue while still providing beats.

You will NOT like Isperia if:

-you feel like being able to view an opponents hand to be "dishonest"

-You have trouble rembering cards in other player's hands or don't like writing them down.

- You don't like fliers (which who doesn't not like fliers?)

From the Izzet: Niv-Mizzet, The Firemind


You will like Niv-Mizzet if:

-You like easy Combos!

-You like drawing cards

-You like Dragon Wizards!

You will NOT like Niv-Mizzet if:

- You can't stand easy infinite combos

- Dragon Wizards aren't your cup of tea.

- You like creature based strategies. 


From the Rakdos : Rakdos the Defiler


You will like Rakdos if:

-You like all in strategies 

-You like demons

-You like Devastating your opponent.

You will NOT like Rakdos if:

-You don't like taking big risks in the game.

-You don't like saccing your own stuff

-You don't like Demons

From the Golgari: Sisters of Stone Death


You will like the Sisters if:

-You like being able to control combat

-You like the flexibilty to be able to deal with any permanant type

-You like the option of exiling difficult creatures.

You will NOT Like Sisters if:

-You don;t like exspensive generals that don't have immediate presence.

-You don't like using your opponents things.

-You don't like Gorgons

Finally, From the Selesnya: Chorus of the Conclave


You will like the Chorus if:

-You like having a few but Huge creatures

-You like having ways to utilize ALL of your mana

-You like having fun with counters

You will NOT like the Chorus if:

-You don't like dealing with counters

-You don't like ramping

-You don't like exspensive generals that don't have immediate pressence.

And those are our general choices for the week! Seeya Wednesday!

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