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pretty deadly stuff


over 2 years ago

what cruel combos can you create


Crazy Combos


Over the past few days ive been playing with decks and thinking of new ideas and i then thought lets abuse some cards and create deadly combos. 

i created a combo around not being dealt damage using pariah and also in the same deck phyrexian unlife.

the pariah can be used on either cho-manno revolutionary to just not take damage or on stuffy doll to do the damage to your opponent i was thinking about making it red to add some burn stuff to help kill them but i thought id rather go blue and stop them from o ringing the pariah or preventing a tragic slip something like that.

the phyrexian unlife works wonders with melira. by not being able to die if on 0 and instead just taking poison melira jumps in and says 'you know what i dont like the last part of this deal lets just keep it at not being able to die' and so you cant be dealt damage or take horrible poison counters

my challenge to you is making a deck which abuses cards to unravel some of coolest and cruellest combos.

just leave your decks in the comments and i will have a look at them the winning combo will be here next sunday.



Format: Legacy

Deck size: 60+

1 entry per person

The deck must be your own, no copying other people... if someone has posted the same combo before you, you are allowed to have another go but maybe your combo works better with the other cards you have.

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