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The Joy Of Combos


over 4 years ago

list of cool combos

1. Infinite mana of any color  

    Greenweaver Druid  w/   Freed from the Real and   Orochi Leafcaller . One green mana from druid is converted

to blue mana with leafcaller to active freed from the real's untap ability, banking on green mana each time to convert to any color with leafcaller.

2. Lock down opponents

     Arcane Laboratory  ,  Nullstone Gargoyle ,  Steel Golem and a way to give golem to opponent  Bazaar Trader no non- creature spells can be played, then the golem takes the creature spells away for the opponent. They cant destroy or counter,nothing no spells can be played just their land for the turn.

3. Infinite 1/1 artifact flyers

      Thopter Foundry ,  Sword of the Meek ,    Krark-Clan Ironworks a creature you may add   Disciple of the Vault just read the cards you should see this combo pretty clear.

4. Infinite storm effect

    a:   Arcbound Reclaimer ,   Extruder ,  Etherium Sculptor and   Chromatic Star . sac the star to extruder, put +1/+1  counter  on reclaimer then use reclaimers ability on the star, then draw a card for the stars into graveyard trigger.             Then repeat to play a massive storm spell

    b:   Leveler ,   Tel-Jilad Stylus ,   Conjurer's Bauble and   Etherium Sculptor

 With no library due to leveler any card put on the bottom of library with the stylus become you top card. if its the bauble you can keep sacking the bauble and put it back on the bottom (which is the top) then you draw it from your library from the baubles ability. Don't need stylus if you have the bauble and sculptor in hand or play. But the stylus does let you bring cards that where exile back to your library as long as they started the game in your deck, so after leveler takes out your library use stylus to get any card from your exiled library maybe a nasty storm card or  Glassdust Hulk even.

5. Mill you opponent and gain life

      Walking Archive , Jace's Erasure , Venser's Journal   and  Cradle of Vitality With this combo the cradle feeds the walking archive and the journal feeds the cradle with life. Jace's Erasure and walking archive feeds the milling. I suggest   Elixir of Immortality to prevent milling yourself in the case your opponent is stubborn playing with a huge 250 card deck.

Please add any of your own combos of any format  if you wish.

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