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Start of Week 4!

 Alright, so this week we have a respectable number of generals and I thank y'all for keeping the suggestions to just  a few to save myself some time.

Alright so starting off write up's mono colors:

In white:

Darien, King of Kjeldor


You would like Darien if:

  • You like playing a token deck that has extremely consistent production

  • You like tribal pumps

  • You like having the ability to essentially negate damage

You wouldn't like Darien if:

  • You don't like tokens

  • You don't like sacrificing life for your creatures

  • You don't like your general to be an extreme removal target

Next in blue:

Uyo, Silent Prophet


You would like Uyo if:

  • You like copying your (and your opponent's) best spells for a meager cost.

  • You like playing land.

  • You like being able to shit on those that play mass land removal.

You wouldn't like Uyo if:

  • You don't like tempo loss for copying spells

  • You don't like moonfolk

  • You don't like having to search for another card to negate the tempo loss of your general.

Finally in Black:

Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief


You would like Drana if:

  • You like easy repeated removal

  • You like killing your opponent with general damage just as easy

  • The idea of a Black Voltron intrigues you.

You wouldn't like Drana if:

  • You don't like costly removal

  • You don't like Generals that have no immediate board impact

  • You don't like Voltron stratedgies.

Moving onto multicolors:

Bruna, Light of Alabaster


You would like Bruna if:

  • You like using the, arguably, worst card type in Magic in an extremely positive way.

  • You like Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls

  • You like the chance to beat an opponent in one swing.

You wouldn't like Bruna if:

  • You still don't like aura's even with Bruna's amazingness with them

  • You don't like winning through general Damage

Kaervek The Merciless


You would like Kaervek if:

  • You like group hate stratedgies

  • You like punishing your opponents 

  • You like your general to be a huge target

You wouldn't like Kaervek if:

  • You don't like your general being a huge target

  • You don't want to be the most hated guy at the table

Now Shards:



You would like Phelddagrif if:

  • You like group hug stratedgies

  • You like to swoop in for the win after everyone else is suffering

  • You like the second most unique creature type in Magic.

You wouldn't like Phelddagrif if:

  • You don't like Group hug stratedgies

  • You don't like helping opponents

  • You don't like awesome hippos with wings.

And Wedges:

Intet, The Dreamer


You would like Intet if:

  • You like all the power that RUG provides without the hate of playing Riku or Animar.

  • You like playing spells for free.

  • You like manipulating your library to get the most use out of it.

You wouldn't like Intet if:

  • You don't like having to connect with your general to do something.

  • You don't like manipulating your library.

  • You don't like RUG.

Ghave, Guru of Spores


You would like Ghave if:

  • You like playing with tokens, counters, AND sacrifices

  • You like versatile generals

  • You like shrooms.

You wouldn't like Ghave if:

  • You dislike tokens

  • You like to commit to a strategy

  • You don't like shrooms.

Numot, the Devastator


You would like Numot if:

  • You hate land, especially your opponents.

  • You like denying your opponents resources.

  • You like to frustrate your opponents

You wouldn't like Numot if:

  • You don't want to have to connect with your general to have an effect.

  • You don't like Land Destruction

And finally, Pentacolored:



You would like Atogatog if:

  • You like having access to the best cards; period

  • You like atogs


You wouldn't like Atogatog if:

  • You don't like atogs,


And that's all for this week, looking forward to see what Y'all pick!


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