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Hi everybody! Subject16 here to challenge you to build a very popular casual format, and that is Tribal Wars.


Tribal Wars is essentially a game where each player uses a Tribal deck. A Tribal deck is a deck built around a specific creature subtype such as Goblin, Mercenary or Homarid. A minimum of 70% of the nonland cards in the deck must be of the specific subtype or an all-round tribal card (an all round tribal card, for example is Adaptive Automaton).

So I challenge the MTG Deck Builder Community to build a Tribal Deck each!

The rules are simple:

-Only one entry per person. The first entry will always be the one judged.

-Try not to take ideas off other people's tribal decks (in fact, try to avoid all building around the same tribe).

-Have fun building your tribe.

-Changelings are allowed, just try to limit their number (unless you're running a Shapeshifter Tribe).


I will be judging each Tribe and choose three winners:

-Most Competitive

-Most Original

-Most Fun


Banned Cards from the decks:

None, but an excessive number of Changelings is discouraged.

Banned Tribes: (Some tribes are too powerful to be allowed in the Wars)








So without further ado, let the Wars Begin!

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