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Back to Wonderland...


over 2 years ago

How to comment on decks, Learn Things about new decks AND FIXING THE COMMUNITY WITH A HUGE...

Greeting to all of the pretties, and fellows out there,

My name Is Alice and today! We are gog
inback to wonderland.

Now assuming people acctually care what I have to say I shall be rambling on about some different topics today. Which now you may be wondering "WHAT are they alice?!?!" I am assuming youa re so excited reading this that you are just on the edge of your seat! Which is most deffinatally not the case. :p

     Over the last 24 hours, there has been an interesting evolution here on this website, I have seen what I would deem some of the best magic communities online, Which isn't saying much however! It shows that people here want to be able to interact with eachother and not have children and the trolls of the internet interfere with the deck building process.

Now we all know that there is nothing worse then a little kid geting all pissy about 1 comment on 1 deck, and for most of the members here this feels like it is a huge concern, however Fear not Alice is here to help you through this hard time! Though my blogs do not have fancy colours or the odd picture, I instead offer something else. I offer you insight on the things you could be feeling. Yes that does acctually mean that i can read your mind and that I am pyschic! I find that if I am not being silly it is just a hugehugehugee wall of text and no one wants that.

     Now you may be wondering Alice how will you be helping us deal with the brats and runts of the magic deck building community? Well allow me to explain, I deem you all under my protection, should any one seek me over this website purely on this website.

     And require one of the following things; I will happily go out of my way to help you deal with the problem, and or help you build your deck with out really reading any thing. As some of you may know I tend to get excited when I comment on a good deck, And well the result is a huge thing of text which may have nothing to do with your deck.

1. Some one is being mean on your deck, Without reason. ( if you are feeding the fire how do you expect me to deal with it, I am not a fireman!)

2. You need some new idea's for cards or you want to put together the best deck ever. ( Now I probally will help you here, but then I will post my own version faster and claim copyrights!  Why should I be expected to share the best deck idea ever. :p )

3. There is some things bothering you and you aren't sure how to fix it. ( I am not a psychic investifagator and I am not a shrink! This is when you have a combo issue with your cards! I my self love all the crazy combo's and such, But some times they don't work in legacy or what ever play style. ( IF YOU ARE PLAYING COMMANDER DON'T EVEN COMMENT! ) hate commander lol.  But I should beable to help work in a crazy combo into a good meta game deck! Which is always fun to have something very unique <3)

4. Lastly, These crazy things called deck conjunctions, Something I have seen is either blogs asking you to build a deck based off paramiters or something else like that. I WOULD LOVE to do something like that, But right now I will do any one I see posted if you ask me to! <3

(ignore the rest if you just want to read problems and how to fix them.) ps. Figured out how to do colours!

So, Keep the acctual things I want to talk about in this issue section!

There are three things I want to adress and of course hear your thoughts on!

Why would you comment on some ones deck?

     There are a couple reasons which I would see you commenting on some ones deck, The first is that you want to confess your undying love. For thier card choices *cough* cough*... Lets say they use your favorite card in a way you have never seen, and it turns out that it was the dumbest idea ever!, Thrun the last troll in a deck with no green mana. You can totally comment on that! But as you start you see that you are being kinda mean "Dumb mother fucker what the shit are you doing with my baby thrun!" Perhaps if that is the cast you shouldn't be commenting! However If you want to offer some ideas "Hey good chap, Maybe if you want to use thrun putting some green mana in your deck is a great way to start!"  Good ideas and Helpful tips are normally welcome, IF they respond with a "FUCK YOU BITCH"

With could totally be the case, Just sigh and ignore them. AND GET ME. I will put the runts in thier place.

In all seriousness, You comment to learn about new combinations you don't know about, Learn new things about some cards you have never seen and to offer insight into a deck idea you normally wouldn't use which increases your ability as a magic deck builder.

How can you help others build thier decks without knowing what advice to offer?

     Well, This one is interesting! A great way to start on a deck you don't know any thing about, Is this; "Hey, Can you explain your win conditions." now you could totally ask this a million and one ways but! you shouldn't! because who knows how the insane people of the internet will react. "Hey this deck looks worse then your mother after she gets naked wanna tell me about it?" I feel like that attempt at humor just didn't work pretend it didn't happen!!!! MOVE ON!!!

Another way you can help peoples is by telling them about things that worked for you in past games, NOW THIS IS NOT A PASS TO JUST GLOAT "oh man I KILLed this bitch with my runebear claw on turn 3 yo, I AM A GOD BWAHHAHA"  You are not allowed to do that. Instead a responce that is like " Oh, This worked for me maybe you could try it next time" Kinda deal is the best way to go about any things! If you have any other fun ways to offer advice let me know haha :p

Why would you want to help any one?

     This is imporant to understand, YOU ARE POSTING YOUR DECK IDEA's OR REAL DECKS ON A PUBLIC FOURM! You clearly WANT feedback on your idea's and though process, SO the best way to deal with something like this is to BE nice and comment on other people's decks, FIRST Make sure they speak english. If they don't speak english commenting on thier deck won't serve any good because they won't understand it and then get upset at you. (Happened to me and he rated one of my deck 1 for no real reason other then he was angry I can only assume) Next don't comment on the decks that are like OH HEY COMMENT PLSSLSLLSS cause those people WILL NOT comment  on your things. If you go to a profile WITH A PICTURE, and look at thier activity and they are commenting and stuff, IT IS safe to assume they will comment back, and a little "comment back please if you have time" Is always acceptable if you ask nicely! You offered your thoughts, It is only curdious for them to give you theirs right?

How to deal with a troll.

     This is going to be my favorite part! I am going to try to link a couple things, We will see if they work, ( They didn't work) Here are some examples of how not to deal with a troll.


That is a deck that I personally loved, Loved the idea of a blue white aura, and I love Kor spirit dancers!

But the comment after mine didn't make to much sense, since what ever he could be on drugs for all i know. But he just kind of kept talking, These trolls are gross. They openly admit they are trolling, And then just say random things and really don't read what you are saying. My comments are totally not how you should deal with the troll. This is an example OF FEEDING THE TROLL, Trolls are normally Ugly people in real life who want to make others feel how they feel in real life. Best way to deal with this type of troll is to just ignore them. Sure they may keep commenting, But really who cares? Not me, Not you, If they get no attention They go away.

Next is a Bamf Troll,


It is a link to a blog which isn't a blog, more of a Kid just trying to get comments, I later told him to go to the forums if he wants help like that. BUT, this trolls name is Sleazebag, and I AM IN LOVE . I laughed for 10 minutes, He offered a comment about the deck, Then commented on the blog. And He could not have been more honest. These trolls don't really need to be dealt with, They just go about thier own bussiness and as long as you don't get ignorate with them, they won't bug you! on a side note SLEAZEBAG COME TROLL MY BLOG! lol <3


Thank you if you took time to real this, I have fun writing them and I respond to all the comments <3 so if you comment and give me your thoughts on things I will totally resond, Right away most of the time! Next is Leave YOUR THOUGHTS. That is an order, If you read this all I want to hear your opinion.

Next Is, Leave a comment asking for deck comments, and I will happily comment based on the amount of effort you put into your comment here! 

For now, My Name is

Alice Nightroad

And it has been a pleasure.


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