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over 2 years ago

Meet the Troll

Hello, welcome to my first blog! I hope you like it here, I have tried very hard with the presentation. I am even using the Comic Sans font! It really is the best font, you should all use it everywhere. But where are my manners, let me introduce myself...


My name is Mr Troll :3



I am here today to tell you a conclusion I have reached over my long, long life. A realisation that became painfully obvious to me through years of experience. I desperately did not want it to be true, but alas I could find no exceptions. So here it is, my discovery...


You all have no idea what you are doing :D


After all this time how can you still not deal with me? Through sheer merit of trial and error you must have found a solution to me by now surely? You have always made it so easy for me, stepping into every trap, biting down on every hook...


I must admit I was a little concerned when Wizards of the Coast tried to get involved, those guys definitely had me figured out! They even printed rules for interacting with me on a card for you all, not that any attention was paid to their efforts...



Rule 1: You cannot counter me


You cannot stop me from entering the battlefield. Do you know who I am? I have been trolling control decks since I arrived! Where there is the internet, there will be me, so you better get accustomed to having me around.


Rule 2: You cannot target me


Please, do try! This is exactly what I am waiting for, it is the sign that lets me know I have won, the signal that I have gotten to you. This *is* my victory condition.


Rule 3: You cannot destroy me


There is nothing you can say or do to me that will stop me standing back up. You can never beat me down, make me lose hope, or make me question my own being.


Rule 4: You cannot copy me


Sure, you can try, but if you take me down I will only take you down with me. Remember that only one of us is a legend, the other is just a mere clone.




So with all these rules protecting me, how can you possibly beat me? As if I am going to give away my big secret just like that! I can promise you one final truth though...


If you knew how to beat me, you would never play my game


Good Luck

Mr Troll <3

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