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The Best of the Worst Deck Challenge


over 2 years ago

Bad Cards, Good Decks.


     Hey everyone! So I don't know about you, but I love competing in deck building challenges, even if I don't win.  It's fun to come up with something fun and creative and to get to see what everyone else can think up.  I also love taking cards that people don't usually use and making something of it.


     Today's card is one that has intreigued me for a while now, One With Nothing:      


     When I first saw this card I thought, "Wow this is garbage, what can you do with this?".  Looking back now I can think of a few creative uses, but I want to see what you all can come up with. 


     1) One entry per person.

     2) The deck must use at least two copys of One With Nothing and the main theme of the deck needs to revolve                     around the card in some way.

     3) To make things interesting and different between decks, you must choose a single block of cards to use in your               deck (not including One With Nothing). 


     1) Most competitive (effectiveness of the deck and One With Nothing in the deck).

     2) Most creative use of One With Nothing. 

     3) Most unique overall deck idea.


     I'll judge soon after the competition comes to a close in about a week.  Also, this is my first deck building competition so if you have any critique, ideas or complaints for me just let me know.  Good luck and happy deck building! 

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