Shards, Guilds and Commanders (Final)


over 2 years ago

Judging and Results

So, deckbuilding is over and judging can begin.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  In order to keep from spamming the blog list, judging and results will be posted on this thread.



Thank you once again everyone who participated.  Depending on how well this contest went, I may purpose more team deckbuilding challenges in the future.  I already have an idea for another contest, but that's a story for another day ;)


EDIT: I forgot to mention, make sure that the deck you are using is either titled to who you are representing on the challenge (e.g. Boros or Shards, Guilds and Commanders.)  This will make it much easier to find your decks (or alternativly you could just post a link to them in the comments.)

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