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Obsidian Fireheart


over 2 years ago

The story of my planeswalking journey


 First of all, sorry for the delay, my internet wasn't working, then I went off on a week-long boy scout trip called NOAC (National Order of the Arrow Conference), then my interenet wasn't working again.


My personal favorite, hopescrusader with Noggles:

The most popular, TheGutterPup with Crab Mill

The most competitive TivrocSaig with Kobolds

Everybody else did a really good job congrats!

It was the summer of 2010. I had a choice to go to the annual boy scout Camp Geronimo summer camp, or go to a wedding for my stepdads cousin who I barely see. I choose summer camp. This means that my mom's cousin, Angeline, and her boyfriend, Michael, would take care of me beforehand, because my family would leave for the wedding before I went to camp. So, I was at their apartment, and I walk into their game room. At the time I had never heard of Magic: the Gathering, so I saw what looked like a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, except different. I asked Michael about it, and he said he would teach me how to play later. Later turned out to be Christmas, as he kept on forgetting to bring the cards to teach me. Well, Angeline's brother's girlfriend's brother Evan was also there, so Michael taught both of us. The first game I played sucked! I used a black-red deck, and I drew just red cards with black lands. I finally managed to get out a mountain and a 1/1 goblin. The next turn, I chucked the goblin at Michael with Goblin Grenade. Evan went and Armaggedon-ed all the lands. The next turn, I drew a black card I could of played-if all my lands weren't destroyed....Of course it was just my luck. It wasn't long before Michael finished both of us off. What frustrated me was that I had a Volcanic Dragon and Goblin King in my hand. Anyways, it wasn't surprising when Michael and Angeline's Christmas gift to me was a box of magic cards. It was a deck builder's toolkit. Evan and I were sorting through the cards when I noticed a card with a red expansion symbol. Michael explained black: common, silver: uncommon, and gold: rare, so when I saw this, I asked Michael about it and he explained the mythic concept to me. The card, as you may have guessed was.....Obsidian Fireheart!!! I promptly built a burn deck based off of Obsidian Fireheart.

Later, when I was playing Magic, I noticed that I dealt a ton of early damage, then dead after my opponent was down to barely any health. So, I turned it into a burn-control deck. While I was playing the deck, I had two mountains and two islands. I realized I couldn't play Obsidian Fireheart, because the mana cost was 1RRR, not 2RR. I then reallized that for my account, I made a mistake.

Then, when the Knights vs. Dragons Duel Decks came out, I bought it, then made some adjustments, making it a mountain-based dragon deck.

I want you guys to post your deck that you have in real life that has your first mythic rare. I have no way of knowing if you're telling the truth, so I can only hope you have integrity. Because of the delay, I will give you until Wednesday. After this contest, the routine will be back to normal. Starts Friday, ends Monday.


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