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The Community Builds Bruna, Light of Alabaster EDH


over 2 years ago


 First off, our efforts for this week:


While our list is creature light, with Bruna we don't need to run many creatures, and ours serve a nice purpose, GoST and Kor Spiritdancer are our secondary beaters if Bruna doesn't work out, and half of our creatures are aura tutors as well.

We're running lots of ramp to pump bruna out, a handful of tutors to fetch our auras and a small but effective counterspell suite.

We have a handful of PW's that either support Bruna's OHKO capabilities (ajani and Elspeth), fetch us haste outlets or mana (Tezzeret), or buy us time so we can actually win (Jace, Tam).

As for our auras, we run our best offensive and some of the best defensive available.

All in all the list is pretty good and really doesn't need a ton of improvement.


Anyway on to this next week, and future weeks.

I want to cut down the number of posts I'm making a week, now whether that means building off of a previous post (Doing card suggestions on the same post as we do general voting for example) or moving part of this blog to forums (something I'm more standoffish of doing) or something else, I don't know. I'd like to hear those who will respond to this opinions.

Which brings us to General nominations, and this week: 

Do whatever, seriously, any general.

I will ask that you limit your nominations to 2, so I'm not writing up 20 descriptions and only having like 2 be voted on.

Looking forward to your nominations and the beginning of our second MONTH of community build EDH's.


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