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over 2 years ago

Week 5!

 First off I want to apologize about the lateness of this weeks blog, I started my colleges marching band camp today and have been busy for the most part, I hope this doesn't effect the timing for the rest of the week and I'll try my best to remain punctual. In the same respect, I'm not really going to gussy up this particular voting page, as I have to get up for camp again in 6 hours...

On to our choices:

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir


You would like Tef if:

You like manipulating when things can be cast

You like easy combos with cards that are otherwise unplayable

You like laughing at counterspells and instant speed removal

You wouldn't like tef if:

You don't like being a jerk

You don't like your general drawing hate


Jin-Gitaxais, Core Augur!


You would like Jin as your general if: 

You love drawing cards

You like being able to force your opponents into top-deck mode

You like not always having to play your general inorder to win

You would NOT like Jin as your general if:

You don't like exspensive generals

You don't like having half your general's abilities shut down by something as simple as reliquary tower.

You actually enjoy being able to reliably re-cast your general


Azusa, Lost but Seeking


You would like Azusa if:

you like playing multiple lands

you like having a utility general that isn't important late game


You wouldn't like Azusa if:

You don't like playing with green or eldrazi fat.


Ashling, the Exterminator


You would like evil ashling if:

You like generals that are good at removing things

You like removal that gets around indestructability

You wouldn't like evil ashling if:

you don't want to have to connect with a general to be effective.


Karn, Silver Golem


You would like Karn as your general if:

You like fun combos with fun cards

You like generals that are tough to kill in combat

You wouldn't like Karn if:

You don't want to rely on artifacts

You don't want to run a deck without basics


Ulamog, the infinite Gyre & Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (since the generals really aren't that different and have similar upsides/downsides I'm putting them together for the sake of saving time)




You would like an Eldrazi titan as your general if:

You like your general having immidiate impact

You like generals that dominate on the attack

You wouldn't like an Eldrazi Titan if:

You don't want to pay silly amounts of mana to play your general

you don't like the flashyness of the eldrazi


Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter


You would like Vish if:

You like a general that can Voltron and serve as removal

you like reliable sac outlets

You wouldn't like Vish if:

you don't like Vamps

You don't like a general that is exspensive and relys on other creatures to succede.

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord


You would like Jarad if:

You like messing with your graveyard.

You like the potential of one shotting opponents with a single card.

You wouldn't like Jarad if:

Your meta is filled with gy hate.

You don't like messing with your graveyard.


Alright that's all for this week lets see who we get!!

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