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From the Vault: Realms - Set review


over 2 years ago

My opinions on FTV: Realms.

Hello to all, I wanted to just review FTV: Realms. I will list them in the order Worst --> Best in my opinion, and give a little thoughts on each.

Now... We begin


#15. - [card]Shivan Gorge[/card]

This is the Only card I see absolutely no reason to include. It was obviously in there for multiplayer, but in Commander/EDH, the only even somewhat heavily played Multiplayer format, players have 40 life. Furthermore, why waste a card slot on this when you could put in a far more useful colorless land. Such as...

#14. - [card]Desert[/card]

This is a useful card, no doubt. It provides uncounterable damage, and is the only land from Arabian Nights not UberBroken/reserved. However, it is worth $0.75 foiled, and really doesn't see much play outside of Casual (Or Commander, if you value it like I do). Overall, just a bit dissapointing.

#13. - [card]Glacial Chasm[/card]

This is a real double edged sword. In 90% of situations, it sucks. But I actually kinda like it, and think it was a good reprint. It is a last resort kind of card, but it still sees play in Legacy lands, and in EDH.

#12. - [card]Murmuring Bosk[/card]

Despite my personal liking of this card, it IS a bit underwhelming compared to, say, Horizon Canopy, which I think should've replaced it. Apart from WBG EDH, I feel it has lost its luster. However, I plan to keep it until a Doran Deck does great at a PT or GP, and then trade it away.

#11. - [card]Cephalid Coliseum[/card]

I understand that many Legacy, or even Vintage players will appriciate this, I don't personally have much of a use for it, since I plan to build Modern Dredge, and the chances of them reprinting this in a real set is about the chances of getting a 20 three hundred times in a row on a d100.

#10. - [card]Forbidden Orchard[/card]

This is the only one I personally dislike that many people like. I don't play group hug EDH, nor do I play Vintage Oath (Or Vintage at all, for that matter.) I think that City of Brass would've been better by quite a bit, but I do understand that some people will get use out of this, so it makes it to number 10.

#9. - [card]Windbrisk Heights[/card]

The first card I really like, this is a Token/White EDH player's dream. I just like all the others left better than this, so it gets number 9.

#8. - [card]Grove of the Burnwillows[/card]

If this were purely an art contest, this would be number 2 on the list, but unfortunetely, this is for play value. This is rather useful in EDH and Modern alike, but once again, I just like everyone left better.

#7. - [card]Boseiju, Who Shelters All[/card]

This might be number 3 for favorite design, but the reason this is only 7 is that, although absolutely nessecary in EDH, it really lacks in other formats. I am also glad for more foil copies of it.

#6. - [card]Vesuva[/card]

This is a staple in EDH and somewhat of a staple in Modern, moreso before Cloudpost was banned. Still, not my favorite in the set, so number 6.

#5. - [card]High Market[/card]

As an avid EDH player, I can asure you this will go in my Sheoldred Sacrifice EDH deck on the spot. Just an amazing card, especially in EDH, my favorite format. Still, only number 5.

#4. - [card]Ancient Tomb[/card]

This is an uncommon that does something that rares now only do very occasionally. Adds 2 mana repeatably. Also, first time Modern bordered or Foiled. Going in my Jenara EDH deck like a boss.

#3. - [card]Dryad Arbor[/card]

The art alone is awe-inspiring. Zenithing for 0 and getting this is more fun than can be described. I love that they put this is here, and is just. plain. amazing.

#2. - [card]Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth[/card]

This is a staple in every format (excluding Standard/Vintage,) and rightfully so. Whether ye be sleeving up this plus Cabal Coffers for EDH, or Wastelands/Ports/Factories for Legacy, or even Korlash for Modern, this will have a place. I am so glad I'll have a foil copy of this for EDH. But the only thing better than this is...

#1. - [card]Maze of Ith[/card]

Holy. Living.Crap.

Aside from having the best art in the set, this is a card I've wanted for over half a year. Now, I get to have an awesome art foil Modern Border edition without paying $229.99. This should be in every single EDH deck ever, and should also be in nearly every Legacy deck ever. Uncounterable quasi-removal in the form of a land is just great, and the fact that it infinite combos with [card]Argothian Elder[/card] is just icing on the cake. From the beginning of them announcing this set, I thought either this or Wasteland, never both and never Karakas. To be honest, I'm so glad they chose this over Karakas or Wasteland. I would even rather have this than both Karakas and Wasteland combined.

Anyways, tell me how wrond my opinions are and express yours in the comments below. Hopefully, by the time BotW13 (Two weeks from this Sunday) comes around, I will own this fantastic set. Thank you Wizards, please eat my money.

 - Sincerely, Greenzero.

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