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It Came From Friday Night Magic


over 2 years ago

A dance with some devils under the fluorescent lights


Mist is the geists' sorrow. Wind is their pain. Fire is their vengeance.

I've found in my travels that Magic is bet enjoyed with ideas that break through the staples of whatever format you play in, and to that end I've taken up the mantle of play ideas that were either discarded, or were never brought to the spotlight like I feel they deserve. That's the preamble to the story of how I found myself playing Grixis Burning Vengeance inside a poorly air conditioned store with about forty other people.

Back in the early days of the Innistrad block when people were still fleshing out the tribes, and Solar Flare was the best thing since Kuldotha Red, one of my friends showed me a work in progress for a deck built around Burning Vengeance. After many hours of playtesting, and fiddling to the point where certain crustaceans would have been jealous, he ditched the idea as something that didn't have enough support in the format to be successful. For the next few months, and sets, I let Burning Vengeance fade into the background as a bevy of decks danced around standard, and my love affair with the Vampire tribe reached fever pitch. Then like a bolt of lightning it hit me that there was not enough flashback to give Burning Vengeance a chance for the spotlight that it had been denied, and so after a few hours of building and tinkering the deck I had envisioned manifested.

Avacyn has abandoned us! We have nothing left except what we can take!

Now those clever people among us might have gleamed from the previous sentence that things did not go well, but hold on, I'll get there eventually. In the first round I got paired up against what I would normally be tempted to call the “Super Friends” but I'm not really sure what it was supposed to be. The first match was nothing remarkable; Burning Vengeance decided to hide in my deck, and before I knew it the other player had Jace'd my deck out from under me.

After some sideboarding the second game got underway, and for a long while it went nowhere at an exceptional speed. Around turn 8 my opponent tried to drop a Gideon Jura that was met with a Negate, and a speedy Surgical Extraction that pulled out another two. The next turn I hit a Burning Vengeance that was on the board for a whole turn before it was Oblivion Ringed into...oblivion. A few more turns passed and may opponent found one of his Jaces and I saw ten cards pour freely form my deck into my yard, but anxious not to have a repeat performance I quickly Devil's Played the man in blue to send him to the yard and met him there with another Surgical Extraction. Another turn saw an attempted Tamiyo from my opponent, but it was met with a dissipate that left him with an empty board for another turn. After several more turns which included the ending of an Entreat the Angels's by Devastation Tide, and everybody's favorite Surgical Extraction. The game finally rolled to an end when I realized that in my search for answers I had run out of cards and handed the second game to my opponent.

Round One: U/W Super Friends

Round Two: U/W Super Friends

Round Three: Not Played


Either I know just the spell I need, or I'm about to .

This game was rather unremarkable; the match was against someone who'd just picked up the game and built themselves an effective mono red deck...or it would have been effective if I'd had more than two creatures.

Game one came to a simple end after a series of board wipes left my opponent staring down an empty hand, and my three Burning Vengeance with a graveyard filled with the hatred and anger of the spirits.

Game two was much the same since my opponent had neglected to build a sideboard and tried the same tactics against me, namely casting a miracle Bonfire of the Damned every time he found one, but even with the miracles he couldn't hit the mystical twenty damage he needed, and before he knew it my deck had bled him dry.


Round One: Grixis Burning Vengeance

Round Two: Grixis Burning Vengeance

Round Three: Not Played


Cherish these last moments. Though your miserable life has come to nothing, I have given it a magnificent end.

This match was between me and the power of the U/B Zombie hoard, and was perhaps the most interesting match I played all night.

Game one was off to the traditional zombie start with a a gravecrawler, I dropped a sulfur falls and passed it back over to my opponent who played a second land and dropped a diregraf ghoul and hit me for two. The next turn found me playing a second land before passing the turn, and cringing as my opponent dropped a Cemetery Reaper; I responded by thinking twice and looking for an answer. Turn 3 I dropped another land and threw the turn back with a sense of dread for what was coming, and it was that turn that saw a skinrender that targeted his diregraf ghoul and another chomp of my life. A think twice at his end step found me another land that a land which put me in Zenith range, and so playing my land I passed the turn and dropped a post attackers tribute to hunger which netted me -1 life. Turn five I played my land and cast Black Sun's Zenith for 3 and put the board back into a manageable position. Afte a few turns of vengeance my opponet scooped and sent us to game two.

Game two was far more standard, with turn one seeing much the same play as before. Until turn three when I tapped one of my two islands for a mana before blasting it with ghost quarter to find a mountain for my whipflare, a surgical extraction on my opponent's gravecrawler left him sitting there until Burning Vengeance caused him to throw in the towel a few turns later.


Round One: Grixis Burning Vengeance


Round Two: Grixis Burning Vengeance


Round Three: Not Played



All in all I find that Burning Vengeance is something I'm going to be playing with for the near future, and I hope that this has been interesting for you to read, and has not driven you to drink and or harm small animals.



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