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Crossing the planes


over 2 years ago

Zendikar! Post eldrazi

 Crossing the Planes: Zendikar


Mandli was an aging priest living in the Akoum area, and he lived the life he had always dreamed of. A life of constant assurance that Emeria, the great sky godess would protect all. But things changed that day when the rumour of formless gods ripping through the land came to the ears of the townsfolk. These “Eldrazi” shattered the faith of many disciples when the Kamsa cleric, Ayli was her name he believed and she told them all how Emeria was really the greatest and most powerful of these beasts and that the angels had tried to fight them before. She had died a hideous death to one of those drones later. Mandli’s prayer’s were now that she had been wrong.


At this same time Gideon, who had taken over the defence of Mandli’s village realized that they were doomed. Knowing what he had to do he left “the avenger” (his first lieutenant) in charge as he drew off the invasion force, and as they finally caught up to him he surged his mana and brought himself to Ravnica to recruit what friends he had left in the Boros Legion to return with him.


As the avenger saw the army leave he knew what his master’s plan was. He turned to the left and told his second in command to calm the townsfolk and prepare them for the last stand on the ramparts.


On nearly the other side of Zendikar Nissa and Sorin marched through the jungle to secure the Last hedron ensuring that even if the fight on zendikar was lost, the eldrazi could not leave through their planar tears. Sorin and Nissa were not friends by nature, and their respective clans rivalry ran so deep that Sorin’s force of vampire’s and Nissa’s elves were forced to march in two columns with a thick foliage wall between them. That foliage wall, though not strong was rebuffed by the one most powerful uniting forces in the multiverse: a common enemy. This is all that stopped the forest floor from running deep with elven and vampiric blood. 


The avenger looked over the force he had on hand. 2 lawkeepers that were sent from Gideon’s honour guard, a few hundred mercenaries, though once belonging to the mighty ally organisation, It that betrays shattered there central judgement system, on top of this he had Origam the captain of the local militia and his ragtag group of fighters. The avenger ran through his options quickly and knew that without tapping into what artefacts he had there would be no surviving this onslaught.


The war council convened that night for it was this night they knew that the Eldrazi would swing their army. Thus it was that night that the avenger, Mandli several mercenaries and Origam convened their council.

Origam began the meeting on a sour note, “This is suicide!! A very shade of death floats around the outside of the village! We must flee!”

The avenger replied tonelessly, “There is nowhere to run we are on a mountain top, surrounded by near divine beings”

As Origam fumed himself away the cloud descended upon the village. In a sudden burst of action Mandli leapt to his feet and grabbed an axe. As he ran screaming the avenger finally put together what the cloud was. 

He screamed, “Get everyone to cover! Batten down the doors! A rage nimbus here!” As the village burst into action an, unearthly scream roared over the battlefield and all paused. The Eldrazi drones poured out of the hillside infused with rage from the cloud. As the rag tag band of soldiers ran to the walls and repelled the first wave of drones.


On the other side of the world Nissa and Sorin finally approached the temple and entered in, wary for any drones that could be nearby. The forces they met as they progressed through the temple were just trivial spawn, dispatched with a few swings of a blade. But as they entered the main chamber they found the hedron being chewed upon by several large drones and a Young Eldrazi titan. Sorin and Nissa ordered their contingents to surround the beasts and as the Eldrazi finally realised their plight it was too late Sorin and Nissas’ forces had already torn them to pieces.


The avenger swung his flail wildly bringing down three or four of the Eldrazi with swiftly dealt blows. Though all of them fought bravely, it was obvious that the palisade was lost.


He yelled above the unearthly shrieks and screams, “Retreat! The palisade is lost!! to the town hall! As the fighters withdrew the battlefield paused. A titan larger than any dragon the avenger had ever seen was thundering down towards the battlefield. As it tore into the town it worked with slow but deadly efficiency, levelling everything in its path. The avenger knew that in a matter of minutes this place would be reduced to dust. He ordered everyone capable of wielding a weapon to come and join him in the defence while the other townsfolk evacuated. They charged the titan and managed to distract him for long enough as the townsfolk headed for the hills.


As Sorin examined the hedron he thought he felt a surge of mana but ignored it. Only as he heard Nissa chanting silently the words of the Hymn of nature did he realise.


He whirled and yelled, “You fool!” And ran from the temple. Nissa seemingly unperturbed by the sudden events finished her chant and the hedron exploded. Nissa thought that she would send the Eldrazi off of zendikar and eventually she would, however for now all she had done is called all the Eldrazi on zendikar to her exact location.


The avenger struggled to remove the pressing appendage of the titan. Every other warrior had died valiantly and the avenger was left to struggle on, lone against the Eldrazi shard. However as he struggled the pressure suddenly stopped. Suddenly all the Eldrazi began to quirk up and then began to march dead south. The avenger stood up, lone in a desert that was once a mountaintop. Though battered and bloody, there was no word for it but victory. Thus he began his ragged march to meet up with the survivors.


Hope you enjoyed this wonderful piece of flavor! Please leave what plane you'd like to see next and how I can improve my writing!


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