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over 2 years ago

A new planeswalking journey

 The winners of last week are:

EVERYBODY! I was very happy with the submissions, and was torn between the decks, especially with so many. It was a great comeback from a few weeks ago, and I'm glad the community is coming together. I apologize for not being able to do a contest last week, because I was at a Vietnamese prayer group Region Gathering.

Ravnica, as most of you know, is a city-plane of guilds. Each guild consists of two colors, with ten guilds total, one for each color pair. I myself have not been to Ravnica, but I know about the creatures and spells that can be found there. It seems like a very unique, interesting plane that houses just as interesting, unique creatures. And as you all know, Ravnica is evolving and advancing, so soon, it will be time to take another trip there and gather new spells and creatures. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to choose a guild, then build off of it. You can use anything from any plane, but it has to have at least 15 cards of the guild and be no other colors besides the guild colors. There is a one submission limit, and each guild will have a champion. If you have no particular preference, then you may find your guild here:


That will be all.

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