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Crossing the planes


over 2 years ago

Ravnica, sort of

 Crossing the planes, an excerpt

Today my loyal and die hard readers (Ok maybe not loyal, or die hard), today I have a flavourful post; but this post is focussed to more intrigue those who do not enjoy my wonderfully written pieces of flavour. 


Today I have for you a look at the cycle of ravnican guild leaders. I will be looking at them mechanically in fact, and before you leave this page in rage I will explain that I mean not to look at there mechanics literally. Today I will look at what they mean flavourfully, and hope that you will also post your thoughts on the matter below.


To start with we have the very first spoiled guild leader; Jarrad! Now jarred is a weird card flavourfully and there are many ways to look at him, the first is of course to see his +1/+1 ability as his underempire expanding and growing, and his sacrifice ability as him turning his willing (Or unwilling) followers into fodder for his ever-present swarm and you can convert more land into sewage to bring him back? This is just my way of looking at it and I was very undecided, if you have a better thought please comment below!

Moving on we have Isperia supreme judge, noble guild leader of the azorius. This one I was left unsure flavourfully though I believe that drawing is supposed to be tactical advantage as well, thus her network of spies inform you of your enemies movements, a little rough I admit but I was hard pressed on her. Perhaps it could be a sheer wall of tolls upon your opponent’s armies?

Next we have the one I was fairly sure about; Rakdos lord of riots. Rakdos for all those who have read the novels, is a demon that was permanently summoned by a torment ritual gone wrong and since then the cult spread into a guild (Although an unruly one) thus his abilities make sense. To coax him through the Aether there must be blood or torment on the other side. When he is on the battlefield his aura of bloodshed and rage makes your spells easier as creatures you call are all that more wilful for slaughter.

Of course we have Niv Mizzet, Dracogenius. Niv mizzet has always chafed with me I will not lie (There is only room for one awesome dragon…) so don’t expect a completely balanced opinion of him. For starters I have always been confused by his ability, I believe it’s supposed to represent that as he surveys your enemy he brings in information (And wreaks a little havoc while he’s there). But this leaves a little room for improvement; why is his ability only targeting players then? Because I doubt the planeswalker is going to stand still for a nice vivisection from a dragon (It could be I’m weird that way, but I find being cut open and looked at most unpleasant, that’s why I inflict it on others). Perhaps he uses his mighty telepathy magic to take a peek? But that still leaves questions…

Fifth and finally we have Trostani. This guy’s first ability is fairly straightforward; as units arrive Trostani improves the overall morale of your army. Populate on the other hand is something that doesn’t make sense to me on a creature (Or on spells) when you populate is he calling forth clones? Or finding them on the world he’s in? This is something that has been messing with me, so if you have any answers, or further flavour related questions please post them below!


I hope you enjoyed this quick write excuse for a crossing the planes, see you next time! 

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