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Mystery Challenge-Round 2: FIGHT!

First and foremost, the winners from last week:

the most competitive is:

INightshade with the planeswalker Gideon:

it was a good fast deck that could deal with most creatures and problems

the one built most mainly on planeswalker:

stephenfromport alongside the elf Nissa Revane:

the deck was built almost solely on the planeswalker (it kinda has too be)

and the most unique:

gamedemon26 and Chandra:

it was very good and I personally like it since I have a similar deck idea-almost all instants and sorceries


All right,

Today is the second mystery challenge. For those who are not familiar with this, this means that I will give you a couple of decks and hints, then you have too guess the theme of the challenge. Then, once the theme is guessed you have two days to build a deck based on that theme. If the theme is not guessed by Monday, I will give you guys a more boring, less exciting deck.

hints: Return, mtgsalvation.com

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