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Battalion and Evolve


over 2 years ago

Weakness and how to make the mechanic AWESOME

Its been awhile since I wrote here in Deck Builder, more so visiting the site. Setting that aside lets get right into the Guild Mechanics!


BOROS, Battalion

My Army. My Aggression.

Lets first review the mechanic: "Whenever  and at least two other creature attacks, It ".

At first I thought it was awesome. With cards like BOROS ELITE and FIREMANE AVENGER anyone could imagine charging into the frey with Battalion triggering then steamrolling their opponents to death! But then after some thinking, it comes at a price... commiting to the board. Not only that but keeping those numbers to at least 3. Battalion suffers from mass removal, instant creature kill spells, bounce and so on. One creature down is enough to kill the strategy. PILLAR OF FLAME looks shinier with every passing set. So how do we go about this?


>> Save Me Kind Sir!

You protect them of course. With cards like Faith's Shield, Clousshift, Restoration Angel and Boros Charm! You also want to get them low fast and hard? Divine Deflection, an underappreciated card works at both side of the coin (Boros Charm too). I'm not saying you can get away with this every time. They WANT to kill your creature one way or the other. Make them regret it popping out a Brimestone Volley to their face.

Other way is to amass a sizable army is to play the token strategy. Gather the Townsfolk, Lingering comes to mind but I think those are not as effective as I think they could be. Precint Captain is someone you could count on. A nice two drop that fits nicely into your curve.


>> On the Double!

Now this would only work if they are played to your phase: Fast and Tons of damage. Forcing them to deal to your offenses strategies making them play defensively. Forcing a Saint Traft to block should be on your checklist. Low curve yet efficient creatures and haste accelerates you to victory (and your Battalion triggers). Rackdos Cackler, Ash Zealot, Lightning Mauler, Skyknight Legionaire, Hellraiser Goblin, Zealous Conscripts. Hellraiser is everything you want on a Boros deck, followed up with a Silverblade Paladin or Attended Knight is just sick.


>> Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sphinx's Revelation and Thragtusk will stop Boros on thier tracks. Good thing wotc got Skullcrank printed just for that.

Token blockers are a pain. a bunch of 1/1 can render your attack useless and waste a turn. Electrickery, Detention Sphere and Thundermaw Hellkite would work.

Ash Zealot, again I can't help but mention how good this card in a Boros aggro deck. Hesitates Snapcaster, Think Twice, and Lingering, jumps into a Saint Traft withour fear, accelerates your Battalion needs and so forth.

Thalia, Makes every control slow. Their Hinder, Jace, Pillar would feel heavy on their hands.

Zombie apocalypse can be stopped with Knight of Glory, Elite Inquisitor and of course your handy dandy Pillar of Flame.


SIMIC, Evolve

My Vision. My Evolution.

I may have to go in a different approach for this guild. Because the mechanic itself is clunky. It sounds cool to make a deckful of evolve cards but they pose some problems. They are dependent on each other in curve and power/toughness ratio, no matter how big they could go, there will always be a cap and you are not ensured that you draw your "evolve curve" every single time. A set of Cloudfin Raptor in a deck would illustrate my idea. I believe to Simic is all about card interactions. And those cards are found in other sets. Lets disect them Simic and see which cards that interact with them best.


>> Nurse, this patient needs +1/+1 counter (or not)

Zameck Guildmage. By far the best card Simic could offer. I want to go ahead to the second ability because damn its powerful. Remove a +1/+1 counter to draw a card. Counter intuitive because you want to have the fattest of fats, why would you want to make it smaller? Because some cards are worth removing that +1/+1 counter... Undying. Strangleroot Geist, Vorapede, Stormbound Geist and many more. Removing a counter nets you a card plus an additional creature (another undying trigger)! Predator Ooze produce +1/+1 counters and so is Desecration Demon! This also works on EVERY Unleash creature too!

Back to its first ability, every creature you drop this turn gets a +1/+1 counter. Good for late game, but can't be abused as much early game. However this is excellent for cards that produces creatures for free; Ajani, Caller of the Pride or Garruk, Primal Hunter and Relentless. This is also good with creatures that just pops into play namely... again UNDYING. Making them come back with twice the counters. These two mechanics should get a room.


>>Draws I can't Fathom

Fathom Mage (favorite card). The cost and power/toughness turns me off but any more lower cc or higher p/t (which you would not want), she would be mythic level. Underpowered but lets slow down and think what she does. On a different perspective, her ability could read "Whenever a creature comes into play under your control, draw a card" so long as they are bigger. Late game she can join in the fight when you have amassed tons of card advantage. Her ability is jaw droppingly powerful when you combine it with Increasing Savagery, Hunger of the Howlpack, Deranged Outcast, Blessing of Nature, etc (Experiment One, Gyre Sage too benefits from these spells). Did I mention her trigger also works with Undying? Your Undead Vorapede nets you another card just by eating a removal spell. Heck, why not throw in Cathar's Crusade while your at it.

I'm not even done here. Know what is a Necropolis Regent? Now you do. And don't get me started on Golgari's Scavenge: Deadbridge Goliath, Corpsejack Menace, Slitherhead and Dreg Mangler!


>> The League of Biovisionary

Some may argue that its a Lab Maniac or Battle of Wits variant. One big difference is that instead of waiting till your upkeep. His trigger will start as soon as your turn ends. So if you do your combo then simply end the turn, you win. Clone effect works but what got me is Infinite Reflection or for all you casual players out there, Rite of Replication.


>> Rapid Hybridization

Pongify with another name. Excellent for wasting their removals, take out a bigger threat, triggering Evolve and trigger your Undying.


>> "What about me?" - Prime Speaker Zegana

meh. The only way I think she could be good, is because the existence of Yeva.



Thats about it. Thank you for your time in reading my blog. I hope you find it informative.


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