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over 3 years ago

We are on Common Ground.

Hi again, today I'm going to blog one of Magic fun formats, Pauper.

There was a time that I love commons. I breath commons, play commons (in tournaments) and I seek out commons. One reason is because I am low in funds, another is because they are so neglected by fnm people. Even the ones I thought powerful are hidden from its ownder's shoebox, never given the chance to see the light. This is where I develop my "Magic". By maximizing the resource I have, I have develop my deck building skill, game skill and even reading meta-games and see which (affordable) card could do the right job. Maybe most of you have similar stories to tell I'm sure. It was challenging, fun and taught me many things.. like never neglect the commons.


The Pauper format is one of MTG's (and some circle of Magic playgroup's) way in playing the game. It follows the same standard rules of play and deck building. The difference is you are only allowed to play common cards, non-basic lands included. Sometimes mtg do change the rarity of some of their cards. One of the rule of Pauper is, if the card was printed as common, it can be played. Meaning it is okay to have Oblivion Rings in your deck. Like most formats it has its own banned list, more of that later.


I can't cover every great commons in Magic. But the best start would be, the creatures. Most interactions happen with creatures no matter the format. And players do develop a fond attachment with the creature type (and Planeswalkers too). There are thousands of common creatures (2,570 to be exact) waiting to be uncovered. And the number increases with every set release. Below are some commons that are a blast to play with. Of course, this vary from person to person since we all have different preferences and playstyle.


Ulamog's Crusher          - The Eldrazi commons are the biggest in terms of size. It is also accessible to all colors.

Blastoderm                       - Shroud + a 5/5 body. Most other commons costs more and gives you less.


Nettle Sentinel                 - That is not a drawback to begin with. It is a 2/2 vigilant Elf for 1mana.

Wild Nacatl                       - In a Naya Pauper deck, its a 3/3 for 1 mana.

Wild Mongrel                    - This is Madness!

Krovikan Mist                    - Illusions are getting popular and this will be King.

Basking Rootwalla          - Attack. Block? Pump!

Putrid Leech                      - Same as Basking but uses your life instead (better, because it frees the mana).

Phantasmal Bear             - By blue standards, this is big.

Keldon Marauders           - It can net 5 points of damage.


Mulldifter                            - Flexible card draw creature.

Ninja of the Deep Hours - Ninjas, so sneaky.

Krosan Tusker                  - Gives you that needed land and a card.

Cloud of Faeries               - Its FREEE.

Coiling Oracle                   - Accelerates or gives you a cantrip

Sakura trip Elder               - Early blocker and accelerates (also Viridian Emissary).

Soul Warden                       - Her life giving powers can win you races (sisters: Soul's Attendant & Essence Warden).

Goldmeadow Harrier        - One white mana answer (also Gideon's Lawkeeper).

Squadron Hawk                 - Its the same as draw three cards.


When there are creatures, theres bound to be removals. It feels like a sin leaving these out.

Faceless Butcher             - The closest you can get to a common Nekrataal.

Terminate                          - Good, all-around.

Unmake                             - When you are still not happy it hitting the graveyard.

Diabolic Edict                    - Against shroud and protection (and his new-found brother Geth's Verdict).

Lightning Bolt                    - Best red spell and its at Common!

Vines of Vastwood           - An anti-common hate. Its your common Stonewood Invocation.

> BANNED COMMONS (for Pauper):

Cranial Plating

Frantic Search

There are many more note-worthy commons out there. But listing them all is a drag and it is better to discover them yourselves. Its like finding a buried treasure. It may fall under a dollar but the feeling it gives is still the same as discovering a card waiting to be broken. Thank You again and hope you have something to share as well.

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