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The Decktester Tournament


over 3 years ago

How will your best deck fare?

Hello everybody, TwoStars here with an idea that popped in my head a month ago.

A while ago, whilst scanning through my large collection of decks on my profile, I began to think about the overall power of all my decks and how they would cope against one another. So, armed with my enormous and stupendous amount of spare time, I ran a tournament including 64 of my created decks. That's the boring part, now here's another, more intriguing and interesting idea.

The sole reason on why I created this blog was to let you, the decktester beta community, submit your best decks to witness their overall ranking and supremacy against other user-created decks through testing. How I will do it? Here's how it goes:

I will test your deck against other user-created decks by, here's the weird part, playing them against myself. By using two different tabs containing two different decks in testing mode. Yes, I know, i'm playing against myself. That indeed will have it's problems, such as #1 I know what's in each player's hand, and #2 I know what i'm going to cast. Both of these obstacles can prove to be a gigantic hinderance in terms of gameplay, especially for the reactionary decks, as such, the results may not be completely accurate, that's all i'm going to tell you. If you would like to continue, scroll down.

Here is the first step for the progression of this tournament.

#1: The submitting,

Here's where you, the user, will take part in this tournament. In the comments section below, you can post any deck you wan't, simple as that. Of course, the simple things in life aren't without it's hidden catches. Here are the rules for posting.

1. Your deck must be legal in legacy:

This may be obvious, but submitting a deck including 20x Black Lotus, 20x Lightning Bolt, and 20x Timetwister isn't the most fairest (or entertaining) of decks, your deck must contain a minimum of sixty cards. There is no maximum deck size; however, you must be able to shuffle your deck with no assistance (although that is redundant, see below). If you wish to use a sideboard, it must contain exactly fifteen cards. With the exception of basic land cards, your combined deck and sideboard may not contain more than four of any individual card. I will not accept decks which include cards that are banned in legacy due to their sheer power and unfairness against other decks.

2. Only one deck may be submitted per person.

It doesn't matter if your deck is Caw-blade, Turbo Elves, Turbo eldrazi, Fish, or Trix, you may only submit one deck. If you're torn between two of your most insane decks, test them out against each other, and may the best deck proceed.

3. You must provide the strategy for your deck and sideboard usage.

I know, I know, some of your best decks are simple, such as your goblin deck, or your infect deck. But if you have any tips and/or strategies on how to run your deck, or if you're deck revolves around a certain combo. Please notify me on those terms, so I won't accidentally use your deck incorrectly.

4. When submitting, Use a card to represent your deck.

This may sound weird, but I sort the beginning matchups using a random order. What i'll do is take the card that you've submitted, shuffle them into a deck with the other submitted cards, then draw the entire library, the two cards that have been revealed beside each other will confront each other on the beginning of the tournament.

The rest of the steps will soon follow afterwards, when submitting is complete. Any questions or thoughts that you may have will be answered openly by me.

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