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over 2 years ago

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Final edit. Jeeze. Horsehoe Crab + Hermetic Study = Machine gun. Horseshoe Crab + Hermetic Study + Charisma = All your creatures are mine. Horsehoe Crab + Hermetic Study + Curiosity = All my cards are belong to me. Throw in some Terramorphic Expanse, Evolving Wilds, and Polluted Delta to keep lands dropping for some serious Crab Mill. Crucible of Worlds keeps the Mill coming on strong. Tossed in a couple Glimpse the Unthinkable to give the Mill a little more severity. Throw in some Counterspells and Muddle the Mixture to protect my sweet, sweet Crab meat and Enchantments. Ponder, Preordain, and Transmute cards up in this piece so I can most def get my key cards. This setup quickly flushes the deck of lands, making Ponder and Preordain all the more effective in getting me what I need, be it the card itself or a Transmute equvilant. Badda-bing. Now with sideboard!


20   Lands


8   Creatures


31   Other Spells


15   Sideboard Cards

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