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All - MTG Deck Builder will be shutting down on April 1st, 2015 for good. I no longer have time to work on the site, and am unable to keep it up and running. Thank you for using it. Please take these next 30 days to pull any information off the site you want to keep.

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10/2/2011 10:57:26 PM


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Hey guys,

Just before the Innistrad Prerelease I created this sealed deck generator for myself, but I've had some good feedback on it so I thought I'd share.

You can basically practice for sealed deck tournaments. You generate 6 (or however many you want) boosters and it tries to adhere to all of the randomness rules you'd find in a regular booster to give you a representative sample of real boosters.

It's just good practice for these sort of tournaments.

Hopefully you find it useful:



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