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8/5/2012 10:40:01 AM


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okay so i am a noob and posted this in the wrong section. I do know how to play the game and im no stranger to tournaments. But as im new to playing this card game i have some questions.
1. What is so great about delver?
2. What cards are good trade fodder atm. I dont feel like carrying 5 boxes worth of cards to every tournament lol
3. i need help on my deck to make it ready to bring to my local hobby shop. Mostly need sidedeck help but deck suggestions would be nice to

thanks in advance

8/12/2012 4:29:34 AM


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I'm not a delver expert, but let me take a wack at that first one...

In Magic, blue is the color of manipulation, mind games and tricks. In the hands of someone who knows what they're doing, blue is always dangerous. If the other colors are pro wrestlers, blue is a ninja.

In the current standard, that means Delver.

The Deck is named after Delver of Secrets. (obviously). If you drop it first turn, and luck out, you could be swinging in with a 3/2 flier on 2nd turn. If you don't luck out, but have a ponder, you can use that ponder to guarentee it flips and you'll be swinging in with that flier on 3rd turn instead.

Add a stack of cheep instants/sorcs and a Runechanters pike. (Gives +1/0 for each instant/sorc in your GY) and you have a powerfull flier at your disposal.

Meanwhile Mana Leak, vapor snag, gut shot, dismember, ect keeps their threats at bay, while Gitaxian Probe makes sure you know what threats are coming.

Oh, and all those lovely instants/sorcs you've stuffed the deck with? Once they're in the GY, you can re-use them via Snapcaster Mage. And then once the Snapcasters on the field, you can REUSE the snapcaster to reuse another spell in the GY.

It's really rather ridiculous. But before you run out and start a Delver Deck..... this isn't a deck for Newbies or Casuals. You NEED to know your Meta-Game, and you NEED to know how to pilot the deck. It's a finesse deck. You're not just dropping things and attacking. It's a deck for someone who knows what they're doing and has plenty of time to practice and tweak their strategy. You need to make sure you know how every other deck you face works.

It's also not as effective at the casual level as it is at big tournaments. Delver works best when you know exactly what the other person is playing. It's important to know what to use your Counter magic and removal spells on. When you go to big tourneys, everyone is playing the same couple decks. At a casual tournament, or general play, you will see all sorts of shenanigans and rogue strategies.

Sooo yeah, that was longer then expected.

As for your deck.

Umm... I hate Abundant Growth. I would try to get your hands on the red/green duel lands from M13. If you can get a handful of those, you can ditch the abundant growths. Evolving Wilds would work too if you can't get your hands on the duel lands right away. If you do that however, make sure you replace the Arbor Elves with Lanowar Elves. (Or better yet, Birds of Paradise. Birds + Kessig = fun)

I am a little concerned about your mana curve. I think you're gunna find you need more Mana creation. 4 Elves + 4 birds should help. Also, if you're gunna ramp all the way to 7 mana, you need to be dropping someone crazy. A 7/7 trample just ain't worth the effort. Now, if you used Craterhoof Behemoth instead, even though it's 8 mana instead of 7, it'd have a much bigger impact if you can get it cast. (gives all your creatures X/X, where X is the number of creatures you have, untill end of turn. And trample. If you can get it off, you generally win)

Your red Removal is nice, but until rotation, I'd grab a set of Red Sun Zenith. It exiles the target, and you shuffle it back into your deck. (And its pretty dang cheep atm)

Good, affordable cards for Sideboard: Rachet Bombs (can deal with practically any permanent threat), Gut Shot (cheap removal), Ghost Quarter (To deal with Wolfrun/Ramp and Inkmoth strats), Nihil Spellbomb (to deal with zombie and Delver)
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8/12/2012 8:05:43 PM


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Ducky9924 really hit on some great points.

I like a lot of your removal but I think you might want to find a mass-removal option. Finding one that isn't going to bone your deck might be difficult because you rely on creatures for a lot of your mana. If you go with Birds of Paradise you could go with a Rolling Temblor-like effect that will hit everything but flyers and gets your opponents creatures out of the way for your beasts.

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